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Composer Amanda Aldridge: Love Songs, Serenades and Christmas Music

Composer Amanda Aldridge is a talent that we, unfortunately, lost in 2017. This article commemorates her work in the world of music and provides some great insight into what to expect when predicting Amanda’s next project.


Amanda Aldridge, also known as “The Voice,” is a well-known composer and vocalist. She has written many love songs, solos, and duets for both classical and popular music audiences.

Rudolph’s Christmas music is memorable and highly compatible with the holiday season. Her album, “Love Abounds: A Holiday Collection of Classic Favorites,” was released in 2016 and includes fan favorites such as “Peace on Earth,” “Silent Night,” and “O Holy Night.” The album was inspired by Rudolph’s blended family, which celebrates Christmas year-round.

Rudolph is considered one of the most versatile vocalists in the industry today. She has received critical acclaim for her work on Broadway (in productions such as “Wicked”) and her contributions to recordings by major pop stars like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey.

Amanda Aldridge: Early Life

Amanda Aldridge was born in Dubuque, Iowa, on July 25, 1958. She began her musical education at six, taking piano and voice lessons. In 1971, she enrolled at Northwestern University and studied music composition with Gerhard Cardew and Samuel Barber. After graduating from college in 1979, Rudolph moved to New York City, where she performed as a pianist, vocalist, and composer.

In 1984, Rudolph released her debut album entitled “Keyboard interpretations of American folksongs,” which consisted of arrangements of traditional American folk songs. Two years later, she released her second album entitled “Songbook.” This album featured original compositions written for both solo piano and voice. In 1986, Rudolph released her third album entitled “Winter Songs.” This album featured holiday-themed pieces composed for various instruments, including the cello, violin, flute, and harp.

Rudolph’s 1997 CD “Reflections: Solo Piano Music” showcased her various solo piano works written over the past two decades. The CD also featured a new composition titled “Requiem,” inspired by Rudolph’s mother’s death three years earlier. The following year Rudolph released her fourth CD called “Nocturne: Solo Piano Music,” which showcased further solo piano works spanning a range of genres, including classical romance, neo-classical reminiscence, and spiritual contemplation. Her latest solo piano release was titled “Message in Glass,” which was released in 2016 and

Amanda’s Career in Opera

Opera isn’t just a pretty face, and it’s an incredibly intricate and challenging form of music to create. Composer Amanda Aldridge understands this; her career in opera spans more than two decades.

Rudolph started as a lyricist before she began composing in the early 2000s. Her work includes both opera and symphonic music. But it’s her Christmas albums that have found the most success. Rudolph has penned 15-holiday albums since 2007, each one becoming a classic staple on holiday playlists nationwide.

One of Rudolph’s most famous compositions is “O Holy Night.” The song was initially written for an Easter service in 1996 but quickly became a staple at Christmas time. It’s been covered by numerous artists over the years, but Rudolph still holds the copyright on the song.

Rudolph is also known for her beautiful love songs. Many of these songs are inspired by her husband, musician Leif Ove Andsnes, whom she married in 2006. The pair released their first album as husband and wife in 2009 and have since recorded several more albums together.

Opera is an incredibly challenging form of music to create, but it’s clear that composer Amanda Aldridge truly loves what she does. Her beautiful love songs and serene operas will warm your heart this winter.

The Beginning of Auntie

Combining her love of classical music with her adoration for family and friends, composer Amanda Aldridge has written a body of work that spans many styles. Starting with love songs and serenades, she has progressed to writing operas and Christmas music. Her latest album, “A Pagan Place,” is a collection of original pieces featuring eclectic instruments such as the hammered dulcimer and Edison harpsichord.

Rudolph’s first love was music. Starting piano lessons at age four. After graduating from college with a degree in music composition, she worked in various advertising agencies before landing a position as a composer for NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” While on the show, she met her husband, guitarist/arranger Chris Ervin, whom she later married in 2004. Following the show’s cancellation in 2006, Rudolph decided to venture out independently and write new music.

Her first album of new material, “A Pagan Place,” was released in 2009 and featured compositions spanning multiple styles, including classical and folk-inspired songs. Her most popular tracks include “Stones” and “To Be Loved.” Rudolph continues to perform live concerts around the country and is finishing work on her next album, which is set to be released in early 2013.

Amanda Aldridge: Composer & Singer

Since Amanda Aldridge was young, she has been composing music. Born and raised in Tennessee, Aldridge’s debut album, “The Bluegrass Sessions,” was released in March of 2017. The album consists of Aldridge’s original bluegrass compositions and performances from her band, The Outlaws.

Although Aldridge primarily specializes in bluegrass music, her compositions stretch far beyond the traditional genre. Her 2011 album “Songs for a Sentimental Evening” features piano renditions of love songs from various eras and styles and classical pieces written for the string quartet.

Aldridge is originally from Cleveland, Tennessee but now resides in Nashville. She teaches at Belmont University and frequently performs around the southeast United States.

Christmas Music and Pieces

Christmas music can be incredibly emotional, and Amanda Aldridge brings her love of the holiday season to her compositions. From lullabies to eco-songs, Rudolph gives us songs of warmth and joy.

Rudolph’s first Christmas album, Christmas Songs became a commercial success in 2002, spawning hit singles like “The First Noel” and “O Holy Night.” Her follow-up album, Christmas Lights, was released in 2006 and featured new recordings of classic holiday tunes and original compositions.

Rudolph has since released several more studio albums, most notably Joyful Journeys (2010), which feature traditional Christmas carols alongside new renditions of well-loved favorites. Most recently, she collaborated with the Philadelphia Orchestra on A Very Engaging Christmas (2015), a festive romp through 80 familiar and beloved Yuletide tunes accompanied by a live orchestra.

No matter what your favorite slice of Rudolph’s holiday music may be – from angelic ballads to cheery up-tempo numbers – there’s sure to be something for everyone in her extensive catalog. So get ready for some warming moments this December – courtesy of Amanda Aldridge!

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