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  • 20 People Whose Best Remedy for Fails Is a Good Laugh
    We’ve all probably had those days where everything goes absolutely wrong, and even ordinary routines seem to come off the wheels. Psychologists say that it’s helpful to remember the tiny things that go well for you and the people who are in your corner, just to shift your anger to a positive side. Today’s article is about people who chose to fight their fails with humor, and it seems like they’ve really won over them....
  • 9 Celebrities Who Came Back to Our Screens Once More After a Long Break
    Some retirements are permanent. Some are just a hiatus. After all, celebrities are also humans, just like every one of us. They may go through difficult times and challenges, get bored, or simply want to escape from all the fame brings. The good news is that, when they decide to come back, they are warmly welcomed by the audience....
  • 8 Ways You Can Increase Your Confidence Without Being Cocky
    There are many reasons why some people lack self-confidence, and past experiences are one of them. The way someone was raised and treated as a child can affect their whole future attitude. Also, in today’s day and age, product marketing aims to make people feel like they are lacking something so that it can tell them to buy a product to fill that gap....
  • 16 Photos That Perfectly Show What Progress Looks Like
    Nearly everyone can brag about an achievement. Some people learn to bake such amazing cakes that it’s a shame to eat them, while others show off their incredible drawing skills. All these people have one thing in common: they want to get better at something. And in order to make the result even more obvious, all they have to do is take 2 photos and compare them....
  • 10 Celebrities Who Are More Like Us Than We Think
    In the eyes of ordinary people, celebrities lead lifestyles that are unattainable for the most of us. We associate celebrities with luxuries and mindless spending of money. However, that is not always the case. You will be surprised to know that your favorite celebrities can also be frugal, and refuse to buy a new phone until the old one stops working completely, or hire anyone to cook for themselves....
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