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  • All The Story You Need To Know To Understand Destiny 2 Season Of The Haunted
    Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted is working through a compelling, character-driven story, one that dives into the personal traumas of some of the game's major characters as they try to deal with the new threat presented by Calus and the Derelict Leviathan. Like the best of Destiny 2's recent stories, it relies heavily on player knowledge from past seasons and expansions.Generally, this is great, because with Bungie building on events of the recent past, Destiny 2 feels like a world that is changing as a result of the things that happen within it. But if you missed certain previous...
  • 12 Unbelievable Things In The Games Industry That Actually Happened
    The gaming industry has seen its fair share of wild stories over the years, ranging from truly bizarre choices that sent companies to liquidation to dangerous and, in some cases, criminal acts. A few of the most unbelievable stories, however, have stood above the rest in our memory, often acting as case studies on what not to do if you're making video games. We've rounded them up below, and be sure to let us know which other unbelievable industry stories you remember in the comments.Cooking Mama: Cookstar fiascoCooking Mama: CookstarCooking Mana is a franchise you probably associate with the DS...
  • Kawspeely Skin Is Coming To Fortnite
    Epic is partnering with Kaws to create the Kawspeely outfit that'll be available on July 2. Kaws is a New York-based artist who is known for his sculpture work on characters and themes. The new Fortnite skin will be another in-game variant of Peely, a well-beloved character.The Kawspeely outfit will feature the following:Kaws Companion Back BlingFar From Home GliderRipe On Time WrapThis is the second Kaws outfit, which previously came with other pieces like the Kaws Back Bling. Those pieces are returning but will now feature the option to change their colors such as the Grey Days style and Noir...
  • Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course - How To Start The DLC
    Some games make you work hard for their DLC, sometimes making you progress hours in the main game before granting you access. Others let you in right from the start. Luckily for fans of Cuphead, the long awaited Delicious Last Course DLC is an example of the latter. Here's how to reach the new bosses and adventure within minutes of starting a new save file.Beat the first Run & GunAfter talking to Elder Kettle and completing the optional tutorial, head out the door and across the bridge. Make sure to talk with the Apple on the way, who will give...
  • Fallen London Mod Lands Developer Job At Bethesda
    The Fallout London Mod team announced that two of their team members, lead technical adviser Ryan Johnson and project lead Dean Carter, were offered jobs at Bethesda.If you don’t know, Fallout London is an expansive mod for Fallout 4 that's scheduled to release in 2023. Set in the titular city, it’s an ambitious fan project attempting to offer an experience comparable to downloadable content Bethesda might release for the game. The team took to Discord and Twitter to deliver a general announcement, primarily focused on these job offers.We have a few very special and bittersweet announcements for you all today.Please...
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