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  • VideoIxion, A Brand-New Strategy Sim, Gets Huge Launch-Day Discount
    Here's the scenario: You're a million miles from Earth, piloting a vessel across the infinite void of space while the future of humanity rests in your hands. Sounds good? Then you'll want to see just how well you'd do as the administrator of the Tiqqun space station in Ixion, which is launching today on PC with a 25% off discount. To sweeten the deal, enter GameSpot's exclusive promo code IXION5 at checkout on Fanatical to knock off an additional 5%. You'll wind up getting the brand-new strategy game for just $24.93, down from its $35 retail price.Buy Ixion at FanaticalIf...
  • Metal Hellsinger Hits 1 Million Players And Comes To Last-Gen
    Developer The Outsiders has announced that Metal: Hellsinger, its most recent game, has reached 1 million players and will also be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition, there'll also be a new update that introduces a new difficulty, weapon skins, combos to learn, and more.Archdevil is the fourth-highest difficulty now. Those who play on this mode will go against stronger demons and have no last stand to rely on. A new Elite Seraph demon has been added to the game, as well as new combos to learn. Now when players perform certain actions with specific beats,...
  • This Switch Accessory Turns Your Games Into Toast
    This is something you never knew you needed: A mini toaster Switch cartridge holder. Coming in five colorways, this mini toaster is truly mini. It can only hold two Switch carts and fits neatly into a palm. It's currently a lightning deal over at Amazon for only $7 instead of $8. See at Amazon The mini toaster is functional. Purchasers can press the lever, and the cartridges will go down and be held within the toaster. (There is, of course, no actual heat or "toasting" going on.) It can be an ornament on your desk, or also a paper weight,...
  • Xbox Collaboration With Calm Brings Video Game Soundscapes To The Meditation App
    Xbox has collaborated with Calm, the meditation and sleep app, bringing video game soundscapes inspired by Halo Infinite and Sea of Thieves to its relaxation suite.The soundscapes are available today, as noted by The Verge. The Sea of Thieves soundscape features "whirling waves and chattering birds" and the Halo Infinite one includes "ambient alien sounds," according to a press release from Xbox. Calm costs $70 a year, though you can get a lifetime membership for $400. Xbox Ultimate members can try the app for three months and then buy a year's subscription for half off (if they are new Calm...
  • Destiny 2 Override Frequency Guide: How To Open Resonance Amp Chests
    Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph brings plenty of surprises, and one of the new mechanics involve solving Override Frequency puzzles. Once you've gathered Resonate Stems, you can combine them to have a mysterious chest appear in a random location across the system. The steps to get there, however, can be a bit confusing, and the resource needed isn't exactly unlimited.If you're wondering how to open the Resonance Amp chests in Destiny 2, we'll be diving into a step-by-step example here so you can go out to explore on your own without getting lost in the process.Destiny 2 Resonance Amp...
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