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  • Gladiator 2 Gets November 2024 Release Date
    Gladiator 2 now has a release date, as Paramount has put the sequel on the schedule for November 22, 2024, meaning it'll debut over the Thanksgiving weekend next year if the date holds.The original Gladiator was released in May 2000, so the sequel will be out more than 24 years later. It's not quite as long as the 36 years fans waited for Top Gun: Maverick, however.Ridley Scott, who directed the first Gladiator, is coming back for the sequel. Paul Mescal, who starred in Aftersun and is up for an Oscar for it this year, is reportedly going to star...
  • VideoNick Offerman Hits Back Against The Last Of Us Haters After Episode 3
    Actor Nick Offerman, who starred in the latest episode of HBO's The Last of Us, has responded to haters who criticized the newest episode, "Long Long Time." Spoilers for The Last of Us follow below.In the episode, Bill meets Frank (Murray Bartlett) and they fall in love in what critics are calling the best episode so far and one of the best episodes of TV in years. But not everyone liked it, due in part to the episode's gay romance storyline. Offerman is now hitting back at the haters. He replied to a tweet from someone who said the Episode...
  • VideoLinda Ronstadt Won't Get A Penny From The Last Of Us Using Her 1970 Song
    Linda Rondstadt's 1970 hit song "Long Long Time" was featured in the January 29 episode of The Last of Us, and streams of the song on Spotify jumped by 4900%. However, Ronstadt will not earn a penny from the explosion in popularity for the song because she sold her music catalog years ago.The song was written by Gary White, who is presumably lined up for a payday thanks to the resurgence in popularity."I still love the song and I'm very glad that Gary will get a windfall," Ronstadt told Billboard. She hasn't seen the episode and only became aware of...
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Authority, DC's Extreme Superteam
    The new DC Universe of films and TV series includes heavyweight heroes such as Batman and Superman, new spins on familiar icons such as Supergirl, and a universe of Elseworlds stories where gritty takes on the Joker can thrive. Wedged between all of these projects is a superteam of anti-heroes who have never made it to the big screen before; A squad of pragmatic metahumans known as the Authority.Essentially an anti-Justice League, the Authority have existed in several shapes and forms since 1999, but never made it beyond the printed page. The closest we've come to an Authority feature film...
  • VideoThe Last Of Us' "10 Miles West Of Boston" Scene Was Actually Filmed 2,000 Miles West Of Boston
    The director of photography for HBO's The Last of Us series has shared some behind-the-scenes photos and images from the much-loved third episode, "Long Long Night." Eben Bolter shared an incredible and fascinating look into the gripping and emotional episode, confirming, among other details that HBO basically built an entire town for the episode.One of Bolter's images also shows the precise latitude and longitude of the much-talked about scene claiming to be "10 miles west of Boston." Because of those specific geopositioning details, we know that this scene was not actually filmed anywhere near Boston.In fact, based on the coordinates...
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