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  • The Last Of Us (HBO Show) Review - Faithful, Additive, And Excellent
    The Last of Us is often heralded as a crowning achievement in storytelling, but that praise is sometimes couched in a common derogatory caveat aimed at many other games, too: "It's a great story--for a video game." The Last of Us on HBO, co-run by Chernobyl's Craig Mazin and the game series' own Neil Druckmann, is a marvelous proof of concept for PlayStation--and really any brand seeking to bring its beloved games to prestige television. Whereas the history of video game adaptations is littered with abject disasters at worst and lovable family movies at best, The Last of Us proves...
  • Avatar: The Way Of Water Review – Dead In The Water
    You know that brief, horrible moment when you're visiting an older relative's house, and you sit down in front of the TV and realize that they have yet to disable motion smoothing? Even if you've never heard the term before, there's a good chance you're familiar with the look of it--suddenly your favorite show looks like it's a soap opera or shot as a home movie and all the actors look just this side of uncanny--not enough to look totally inhuman but enough that it's distracting. Avatar: The Way Of Water dares to ask the question that was on absolutely...
  • VideoWillow Review - You ARE Great
    Back in 1988, Ron Howard directed a fantasy movie written by George Lucas and Bob Dolman that followed a character named Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis), who becomes the caretaker of a child he finds. That child happens to be a chosen one foretold to take down evil Queen Bavmorda. Ultimately, Bavmorda was banished, and while the movie didn't make box office records when it was released, it's still a beloved movie by many people. And now, a sequel series has arrived on Disney+. However, 1988 and 2022 are two entirely different eras of filmmaking, can Willow live up to those...
  • The Walking Dead Series Finale Review - A Bittersweet Ending Marks A New Beginning
    To look back on The Walking Dead, I could think of the gaffes--there were plenty after all. I could think more fondly of the incredible visual effects and the showcase zombie kills that seemed to be a mandate for each episode no matter what else was going on. I could think of the action set pieces that, at different times, were riveting or drawn out too long, or the alternatingly poignant or awkward story decisions. The Walking Dead has been an imperfect, sometimes frustrating series with incredible highs and lousy lows for the last 12 years of my life, but...
  • Netflix's Wednesday Review - This Addams Family Spin-Off Is A Classic Burton Throw Back
    While you might have expected it to debut around Halloween, which would have been a far more logical move, Netflix is getting ready to drop Wednesday--an off-shoot of the Addams Family franchise--just in time for Thanksgiving. Why Thanksgiving? Either Netflix realized the traditional spooky season was busy this year or the release is a deep dive nod to 1993's Addams Family Values, which is technically a Thanksgiving movie. The reasoning doesn't matter, though, because Wednesday is finally here, and it was worth the wait.Wednesday follows the titular eldest Addams child, played by Scream and X standout Jenna Ortega, as she...
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