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  • AMC's Interview With The Vampire Review - A Dark Gift Beyond Our Wildest Dreams
    The vampire genre is full of icons dating back hundreds of years. They come in all shapes and sizes, in virtually very context, from glittering YA protagonists to wretched shambling creatures. And while we're absolutely not here to pick favorites or measure the unquantifiable, it would be difficult to overstate just how important the work of Anne Rice is in this particular cultural phenomena. Anne Rice's vampires aren't the first, nor are they the last, to enter into the genre and become archetypes all their own, but the staying power of creatures of the night like Lestat, Louis, and Armand...
  • The Walking Dead Final Season Episodes 17 And 18 Review — Strolling Into Oblivion
    Through two-thirds of its elongated final season, The Walking Dead hasn't really felt like it's coming to a close. Sure, the surviving heroes have once again been facing down extinction at the hands of a seemingly insurmountable threat, but the feud between them and the Commonwealth hasn't felt any more dramatic than past conflicts with the Saviors, the Whisperers, the Governor, and so on. Now with just eight episodes to go, I've been eager to get to the part of the season that illustrates this drama as the true last act of the show. After watching the first two episodes...
  • VideoAndor Review - The Spark Of A Revolution
    The Star Wars universe on Disney+ has already explored Mandalorians and Jedi through various series. However, it has yet to focus on the spark of the Rebellion against the growing Empire that kicked off the franchise in A New Hope--and was explored in Rogue One. Andor is just that, a prequel to Rogue One that is unlike the majority of content we've seen from the Star Wars movies and TV shows in the past, and that's a bit of fresh air.Andor is the story of Cassian Andor, the eventual member of the Rebel Alliance who played an integral role in...
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review - A Hugely Successful Netflix Anime
    Netflix's anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is the embodiment of '80s and early '90s anime. It's overly-dramatic, ridiculously bombastic, and exceptionally violent, set in the world of Night City, which we all know from CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk: 2077. The 10 episode series from Studio Trigger (Star Wars: Visions, Promare) arrives on Netflix on September 13, and for an anime series taking place in the world of a video game, it has no right to be this good.The series follows David, a struggling student at a prestigious academy way out of the price range of what his working mother can afford....
  • VideoMargaux Review - This Murdering Smart House Needs A Renovation
    In 2022, most people have some element of a smart house in their home, whether it's a virtual assistant or smart electronics. But what if there was a whole house made up of smart tech and 3D printed elements inside that heeded to your every whim? And what if, for some reason, it wanted to kill you? That's the plot of Margaux, a film that has an incredibly interesting concept, with an execution that falls fatally flat.In Margaux, a group of smart college kids head out on break with each other at a smart house, whose AI is named Margaux....
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