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  • How to Use a Laptop as a Second or External Monitor
    Looking to hook up another screen to your computer? You don’t have to spend money on a dedicated external monitor if you have a spare laptop. Just use Miracast or […]...
  • How to Create a Group in LinkedIn
    Similar to a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group gives you a spot to meet and discuss career-related interests with others. Maybe you haven’t found the right group or perhaps the […]...
  • Top 9 Ways to Fix Black Screen Issues on Android Phones
    Without warning, your Android phone screen goes black. There’s no lock screen, it won’t respond to your touch, and even plugging in the charger doesn’t seem to revive it! You’ve […]...
  • How to Hide and Unhide a Slide in Google Slides
    Hiding or unhiding a slide is usually a better alternative than deleting it since you never know if you will need it again. Google Slides makes it easy to display […]...
  • How to Cancel Your Discord Nitro Subscription
    Discord is free to use voice, video, and text chat apps, but it also offers a subscription tier to its users, called Discord Nitro. If you want to get more […]...
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