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  • Ring ring ring ring Solanaphone
    Welcome back to Chain Reaction. Last week, we talked about the NFT community being down bad but still down to party. This week, we’re looking at the desperation of web3 startups for a post-Apple tech industry. If you want to get this in your inbox every Thursday, you can subscribe on TechCrunch’s newsletter page. crypto wants […]...
  • Notch will sell you insurance in case your Instagram gets hacked
    Getting hacked sucks. It’s even worse if you’re a digital creator whose social media accounts literally pay your bills. When creators get hacked, it can mean that they aren’t able to post sponsored content, earn payments from badges or operate their Instagram shops — it’s debilitating, like if a chef broke their arm and had […]...
  • 4 climate tech investors sound off on Supreme Court’s EPA ruling
    The U.S. was delivered a setback in its efforts to mitigate climate change. Investors are dismayed but still optimistic....
  • Retail investors or guinea pigs?
    From early IPOs to startup crowdfunding, are non-professional investors assuming more risk than they should?...
  • YC makes a Product Hunt, Product Hunt makes an a16z, a16z makes a YC
    You can't avoid the chaotic, fascinating web of venture and startups these days....
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