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  • Do You Need an Antivirus for an iPad?
    When buying your iPad, you were probably ensured by an Apple employee that it is resistant to viruses. You’ll be pleased to know that this is true. Apple has designed a compartmentalized operating system, which isolates apps. This makes it difficult for viruses to infiltrate and infect your iPad.However, other threats, such as malware, adware, […]...
  • The Best Parental Control Routers
    The standard routers you can buy won’t come with parental control features, which keep your children safe from harmful content. Parental control routers have useful timer features limiting how long someone can use the internet, and you can still rely on them for high-speed web browsing when needed. If you’re in the market for reliable […]...
  • 120 vs. 240 Hz Monitors
    As the gaming world evolves, players are quickly getting used to seeing higher and higher numbers in system specifications on their rigs and requirements. Gamers know that monitors are vital for better performance since they directly impact what they see and respond to. With a bulk of competitive gaming happening online and in real-time, a […]...
  • 13” vs. 15” Laptops – Which is For You?
    Other than a laptop’s hardware and specs, most people will ask about their sizes. This question isn’t anything out of the ordinary since different users vary in what they want out of a laptop. 13 inches is enough for some, while others prefer a larger 15-inch screen. Today, we’ll address the debate on which laptop […]...
  • How to Choose a Cloud Backup Service
    The modern world is increasingly reliant on storing, sharing, and using information. With so many processes and jobs relying on keeping everyone involved in the loop, keeping information on a single PC or two can become unreliable or unwieldy. Businesses can alleviate some of the pains from infrastructure and data loads by using a cloud […]...
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