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  • David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth is becoming a new graphic novel
    Dev Pramanik/Titan Comics Though director Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth from 1976 was itself an adaptation of Walter Tevis’ sci-fi novel of the same name, David Bowie’s performance in the cinematic adaptation has become so iconic that Titan Comics plans to lead with it in its upcoming graphic novelization from writer Dan Watters and artist Dev Pramanik. Like the film before it, Titan’s The Man Who Fell to Earth will tell the story of Thomas Jerome Newton, a humanoid alien with Bowie’s signature heterochromatic eyes who comes to Earth on a desperate mission in search of water...
  • Apple rolls out fix for a bug that could break iCloud syncing
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Apple has identified and is rolling out a fix for the bug that intermittently prevented third-party apps from syncing in iCloud (via 9to5Mac). In a response to a developer on Apple’s community forum, Apple says it has “investigated this issue on the CloudKit backend, and have implemented a fix.” The company still didn’t specify exactly what went wrong — it said the errors “resemble request-throttling that may be affecting a specific user, or the container as a whole,” and vaguely blamed “an underlying issue” for causing the widespread syncing problems. Some users received...
  • AT&T CEO suggests Netflix’s price hike is great news for HBO Max
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Netflix keeps getting more expensive — and HBO seems to think that’s great news for its own business. During the earnings call for HBO Max parent AT&T on Wednesday, the company’s chief executive John Stankey said the higher price of competitors will help HBO grow in the US. “We said the market was going to come to us on pricing, and lo and behold, we are no longer the high-priced offer in the market,” Stankey said. “The nice part about that is we think it’ll allow us to have domestic growth as we...
  • Tesla Cybertruck delayed until at least next year, Elon Musk confirms
    You’ll have to wait even longer now. | Image: Tesla Tesla’s Cybertruck and Roadster will be delayed to “hopefully next year,” the company’s CEO Elon Musk said in an earnings call Wednesday. The announcement confirms earlier reports that the electric pickup truck would miss its earlier production date of late 2022. “If we were to introduce new vehicles, our total vehicle output will decrease,” Musk said. “We will not be introducing new vehicle models this year.” When asked about what else is holding back the Cybertruck besides battery production, Musk said that the pricing and what people are willing to...
  • does use facial recognition to match against databases, CEO admits
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge, a facial recognition company that has been contracted by the IRS to verify taxpayers’ identity, uses a powerful facial recognition technique to match faces against a larger database, despite earlier claims to the contrary. According to a LinkedIn post made by CEO Blake Hall Wednesday and spotted by reporters at CyberScoop, the company does use a technique known as one-to-many face matching in which a target face is compared against a database of other known faces to find possible matches. This contradicts previous public statements made by the company, including a press...
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